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Here are a few of our reviewers’ recommendations


Get in Touch with Your Inner Blattodea

Saturday 3rd June to Saturday 10th June


by Steven Berkoff, after Franz Kafka


Classical surrealism as Gregor wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a cockroach: Berkoff meets Bohemia in a play more Kafkaesque than Kafka.

Richmond Shakespeare Society at the Mary Wallace Theatre, Twickenham

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Postmodern Rollercoaster of Late Twentieth-Century Obsessions

Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th June

Attempts on her Life

by Martin Crimp

Seventeen Scenarios for the Theatre


We see the fluctuating figure of the late Anne from multiple perspectives.  She may have been an urban terrorist, a tourist hostess, a pornographic movie star, or an artist depicting her own serial suicide-attempts.

YAT at Hampton Hill Theatre

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  1. Lola permalink

    Will there be a review of metamorphosis?

    • Several of our reiewers would have loved to have reviewed Metamorphosis, as it was an exceptional show. However, RSS did not request a review. We usually do review RSS shows, but we belive ther has been a policy decision to restrict external rviews. It is a shame. Mark Aspen

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