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Fringe on Top

Our reviewers are at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Here are some recommendations

Space Doctor

StraightUp Productions at the Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue No. 14), 1st to 27th August

Space Dr 13After forty years out in the wilderness, Britain’s favourite TV time traveller is back… Space Doctor is a riotous and playful sci-fi parody, set at a fan convention, celebrating the fictional 1970s programme Space Doctor. Amidst re-enactments of the show’s most “celebrated” moments, shocking truths are revealed.

Red Peppers

Blue Fire Theatre Company at theSpace on the Mile (Venue No. 39), 3rd to 18th August

Red Pepps 1
Noel Coward gives a glimpse into a day in the life of a husband and wife vaudeville act who are tired of performing the same old song and dance routines and tired of each other. Onstage staggering through their act, offstage bickering and sniping, they come together only to blast the hapless theatre staff: all the un-glamour of showbiz.

Cream Tea & Incest

Benjamin Alborough Productions at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Venue No. 53), 5th to 25th August

Cream Tea
Romance! Adventure! Murder! Learn the meaning of these words and more in this anarchic comedy set in Edwardian England. Delight in their capers, mix-ups and the dead bodies left in their wake. Go with the English aristocrat and his loyal valet, Jeffrey, as a simple matchmaking quest quickly deteriorates into a race against time when Machiavellian forces move to wreak their vengeance.


Romeo & Juliet

The HandleBards at Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue No. 3), 15th to 19th August

R&J HandlebardsBefore the world’s first cycling theatre company toured its seriously silly production of Romeo and Juliet around the world, they pedalled it 1,500 miles around the UK by bicycle, with all the necessary set, props and costume in tow. Now, the all-female troupe is back with riotous amounts of energy, a fair old whack of chaos.



Say Something Happened

BCP at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Venue No. 53), 20th to 25th August

AB bcpJune, a well-meaning but very inexperienced social worker, visits Mam and Dad to offer the council’s help. It transpires that June is probably more in need of Mam and Dad’s help than they are of hers! Alan Bennett’s one act play showcases the humour and pathos of Britain’s best-loved playwright.





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  1. Lola permalink

    Will there be a review of metamorphosis?

    • Several of our reiewers would have loved to have reviewed Metamorphosis, as it was an exceptional show. However, RSS did not request a review. We usually do review RSS shows, but we belive ther has been a policy decision to restrict external rviews. It is a shame. Mark Aspen

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